Thursday, April 4, 2019

5E Hack: Class Templates Part 5

Welcome back to my attempt to hack 5e character creation into something fast and rollable.  Collected for your consideration are all the templates. A minor change I've made places the simplest template in the number 1 spot. If you need a character fast the first template should fulfill the role of that character without much fuss. The previous template tables will be updated to reflect this.

The Final Product

I have at this point finished the first playtesting ready drafts of the 5e class templates. Here they are!

 These are going to be playtested in my upcoming 5e campaign mid-April and I'm very excited to check the results. Let me know of your favorites or if there are any you'd like me to review for content. This has been my first real RPG design project and I'm looking forward to many more in the future.

1 comment:

  1. This made me want to play Sorcerer for the first time in my life. Never would have expected a freakin' Item Pack to do that.

    By far my favorite.

    Personally I think you could swap out "relic guardian" to be "Reliquary Guardian" or "Tomb Keeper" and have it be an Egyptian-themed Paladin, which is to me a missing niche (and some of the Paladin templates seem a bit same-y at least in terms of being very Westernized).

    Corsair/Buccaneer are both very modernized and I feel like Pirate/Sea Raider are more era-appropriate.

    I feel like uniting the rogue pirate and fighter pirate in the fighter template would help the flavor (the ornate scimitar in particular). For the rogue I really want like a femme fatale stand-in. I know you don't do gendered templates, but something like a veiled dancer or a spy sub rosa. Someone who could be male or female but is effectively a spy who has become part of the populace or is under deep cover.

    I love all the Ranger ones too, especially the goatherd <3